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Silver Detail

Decontamination wash
Exterior Detail
Wheel Detail
2-Stage Machine Polish 



ph Neutral Foam 

Dual Bucket wash

Engine Bay wash

Iron Removal

Tar Removal


Clay Bar Treatment

Previous polish/wax removal

2 Step machine-polish (85% correction)

Rinse vehicle

6 month carnauba wax protection


Full wipe down

Fitted & Loose carpet wet-vacuum

Professional seat cleaning

Leather Conditioning

Roof-liner cleaning

Window Cleaning

Air vent steam clean

Aircon De-odorize

Heading 2


Foam Wash

Brush Detail

Wheel Iron Removal

Brake Caliper Clean

Tyre Dressing

 Spray-on wheel Sealant

Steam clean Wheel arches

Steam Clean brake components

*Wheels are removed

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