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Treat your vehicle to one of our bespoke valet or detailing packages.

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See videos below for an inside view of our processes.


What is a the difference between a single stage polish and a multi-stage polish?

  • Single stage polish : For light scratches/imperfections and rejuvenate gloss, each panel is polished and buffed twice. ( 70% scratch removal ). Wax is applied.

  • Multi-stage polish: For those who want swirl marks, paint imperfections and deeper scratches removed. Each panel is polished several times to reach perfection. ( 90% scratch removal ). A ceramic coating, graphene coating or PPF ( paint protection film ) is recommended to protect the paintwork.

What is a decontamination wash ?

A wash process that goes more into depth than a standard carwash due to the chemicals used, tools used and time spent on cleaning the vehicle components. A decontamination wash is focused on preparing the vehicle for the correction and protection process.

What is the best protection for my vehicles paintwork?

The strongest form of protection for your vehicles paintwork is PPF ( paint protection film ) followed by ceramic coating. see more about
PPF (paint protection film) >>>
Ceramic Coating >>>

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